As is the case across America, it’s summer time once again in the California Bay Area where I’ve lived the last twenty years. So what better time than now, as vacation season is upon us, to give wings to some of those crazy dreams/visions we’ve talked about executing in the past? In the spirit of “walking the talk”, and with the assistance of a friend, this past Sunday I had “a first” experience. The day started simple enough with a friend stopping by to help me with a household project. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete the project due to one missing component; but that’s a story for another post. As we sat contemplating how to make the best out of an unfinished project, I suddenly asked my motorcycle riding friend, “You only have one helmet, right?” To which he replied, “No, I have a second with me.” Talk about a thought interrupter and an opportunity to think outside my, “No, I don’t ride motorcycles” box!

Well, as I’ve prompted my BLOG readers in the past, I decided to step out and take advantage of the opportunity to have my first motorcycle ride in over 30 years (yes, I was one year old the last time). Now while I was on board with my crazy idea, my friend wasn’t so sure about the idea. He promptly reminded me I had an injured shoulder, informed me it would be cold, and that I had on previous occasions been very clear that I don’t ride motorcycles. Well, long story short, what’s a woman on a mission towards total excellence to do? That’s right, push all hindrances aside, remind others it’s our prerogative to change our minds, and go get extra clothes on!

So with that, we were off for an amazing afternoon and evening at the coast. I had no idea how much I would enjoy my first Harley Davidson ride. Had I not pushed through my previous notions tied to motorcycle riding I would have missed out on a great experience and the chance to demonstrate my convictions about living a life with no regrets.

So what does your Harley ride look like? What life experience have you put off, swore you would never do, or otherwise procrastinated about? Trust me, it’s time to get out there, get your hair messed-up, and go for it!

Never say never – you may just have to eat those words on the way to the best time you’ve had in years…