Every so often there comes a person, place, or thing that simply memorizes us. Our full attention is drawn to this individual, location, or object. One might say, “I love this, that, or the other” but what do we actually mean when we use the word love to describe our feelings towards someone or something? Just as daunting is the question of how those feelings impact our workplace interactions. Dictionary.com describes love as a “Strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything.” Interestingly, it also notes that love is both a noun and a verb. So then love is a feeling as well as an action we can take. Interesting concept when we consider how we might choose to love someone whom we absolutely do not feel love for.

Yes, it’s true, love is often a choice. Sure it can be a feeling as well and it’s wonderful when it is; but often, especially in our workplaces, it’s a choice. A choice to act in love towards that coworker who delayed your deadline because they thought taking a two hour lunch was more important than submitting their part of the project so you could complete your part. It’s the choice to love that person who always sings off-key while you are trying to fellowship with God in your place of worship. Oh yes, it’s even the choice to love that individual you live with who continues to confuse the floor with the laundry basket. And yes, lest we forget, it’s also the choice to love that community service partner who never gets the team’s coffee orders correct.

Ah, this thing called love. What a miraculous choice it truly is. Each day we make choices. Some matter and some, well…not so much. The choice to be an individual who chooses to love in every workplace is one of those choices that matter.

Where do you have the choice to love this week? Who can you encourage, give a second chance to, or even place their needs before yours? Here’s the challenge: just once this week, look outside yourself towards an opportunity to choose love. Need help? Your opportunity to most fully love will, quite possibly, come packaged with an issue you’ve yet to address within your own life. I know I know…OUCH!