Never let it be said that we failed to embrace love, life’s passion, or an opportunity to execute excellence as we were holding in our hands the power to be a charismatic leader of one.

Hmm, O.K. but how do we become so skilled at leading ourselves that others should consider us worthy of being entrusted with their most precious resources – their employees, children, parishioners, etc? The answer lies in the power we each have to complete the work necessary to manifest our best authentic selves. Now I realize this concept may seem like a bit of a stretch. But stop and think about the notion for a minute. As leaders, coworkers, customers, and partners, do we not ask others to give us the best they have each day in the workplace? Whether that workplace is the home, place of worship, community, or yes, even a corporate environment, don’t we expect to receive an individual’s best efforts?

So it stands to reason that in order to receive the best from a team of individuals, authentic leaders themselves must have put forth their own best efforts. This goes hand-in-hand with mastering your own self which then gives you the authority to impart the wisdom and direction necessary to execute the day-to-day goals and objectives of the team and organization. Whether you currently hold a formal leadership role or are focused on being a leader of one, you are a leader. Every day you have the opportunity to impact the lives of those who interact with you. Each day others look to your behavior and either seek to emulate it or avoid becoming like it.

Take a moment now to ask yourself, “Where am I leading others today and is it in the correct direction?”