True charismatic excellence is achieved in the absence of striving to be or do anything other than what we were created to do or be.


As with every speaking engagement I have presented and book I’ve written, this blog was birthed because of my unfailing belief in the magic that occurs when we simply do what we were created to do using the gifts and talents we were innately provided. Whether within a corporate environment, our households, communities, or places or worship, now is an opportunity for us to reach beyond our own self-doubts, to more fully realize and execute our greatest strengths which are talents that we have always possessed and cannot lose because they are who we are.


As you continue your ongoing journey towards excellence, allow your self-confidence to be buoyed when you feel it rising. When you find yourself smiling as you reflect on your past accomplishments, go with it. Your decision to play big will make it possible for those around you to achieve more than they themselves initially believed was possible. As you’ll see, you becoming excellent was never about you.


On that note, remember, excellence is not perfection and don’t stop thinking about how your natural abilities are used (have already been used) when you’re in your excellence zone (i.e., fully manifesting who you have been created to be by executing your innate talents and/or gifts).