Pressures, demands, expectations, and daily to-do-lists assault us from all sides and constantly attack our schedules. Do this, do that, get here, get there, start this, and finish that. Every day we are pulled in different directions by our family, friends, coworkers, bosses; the list goes on and on. Soon there is little left for anyone, much less ourselves. No energy, no time, no resources, nothing left for anyone. Somehow we go from focusing on the important to attending to the immediate and the urgent. The problem is not the volume of demands or the lack of tools to help us manage our schedules. Rather, it is the lack of executing on what is truly important to us. For many of us, this includes our foundational callings.

Our calling and its resulting priorities are reflected in how we use our resources – time, money, strength, and talents. Case in point, I’ve worked as a management consultant for the last 20 years. This career has literally taken me around the world and provided a plethora of life experiences I never could have dreamed of. In short, I love the work I’ve done in the corporate sector and wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. That being said, for sometime now I’ve felt a pull towards more of a focus on individuals and the coaching opportunities that exist outside corporate walls. While my focus on helping folks get their “house” in order so they can get their “workplace” in order has always been paramount, it is only now that I am offering my corporate expertise to individuals within their homes.

Yup, I guess you could say that this change management practitioner is taking this opportunity to expand her service offerings to specifically offer individual life coaching tailored to the needs of people outside the business environment. To that end, I’ll be using my years of experience in the areas of household organization to add a new dimension to my consulting practice. What does this mean for my clients? Quite simply that they will now have access to me “inside” their homes where there’s no hiding of core personal issues. Specifically, as I take on the life coaching service offering I’ll be adding the following new services:

– Improving personal and professional communications

– Creating action plans and events to motivate excellence

– Removing limiting actions and cultivating new behaviors

– Building congruent personal and professional goal

So what about you? Is a change or modification to how you spend your resources in order? Are you on task based upon your true calling(s) or are you stuck dealing with the immediate and the urgent? Come on, what are you waiting for? Your “importants” are waiting.