Earlier today I spent time in my garden trimming my large bushes and trees. Truth be told, I really hate this particular home project since it requires numerous tools and holds risks that trimming my smaller plants does not. Luckily for me, I don’t have a lot of “life projects” that put my personal safety at risk. I do, however, have to navigate various “life projects” that challenge my need to feel secure.

Unfortunately, in reality we do not have the power to control all the elements that can affect us on a daily basis. Therefore, rather than focusing on the facade of security, a more dependable course of action is the building of an internal security system within ourselves. This system may include the ability to handle stressful events, take risks, and manage problems as they occur. Here are four ideas that can help mitigate the need to feel secure so that it does not keep you from taking positive chances:


  • Clarify potential risks and how large each is. If its potential impact is low then rational thought suggests that the risk is minimal.
  • Determine the probability of each risk occurring. Unless its probability is relatively high your time and energy is better spent addressing higher-risk issues.
  • Identify the benefits of taking the risk and succeeding. After determining the probability and degree of each risk you may decide that the anticipated benefits outweigh the potential disadvantages.
  • Once you identify the probability and impact of the risks, and the benefits from pursuing the goal, seek input from friends or mentors as appropriate.