O.K., O.K. – enough already! All right, it’s really time to achieve that life goal already… Sound familiar? Have you hit that place, have you entered that season of life, or have you simply gotten fed up with being fed up? Goals, daily to-do-lists, action items, the list goes on and on. Sometimes, rather than rush in, we have to stop and take a moment to breath, a moment to prioritize our to-do-lists. Often this process is called “slowing down to be quicker”.

Years ago when I was a police cadet our range master explained the concept of slowing down to be quicker. Now while I don’t anticipate having to focus on shooting a felon in the commission of a crime any longer (given I’m no longer a police officer), the range master’s words have stuck with me over the years. In short, the concept reminds us to slow down (i.e., don’t get caught-up in emotions or adrenaline) when there is work to be done. As we know, often when we rush through a task for whatever reasons, we run the risk of creating a less than optimal outcome. That “less than” outcome then leads to a need to redo the work which causes the task to take longer than it would have had we slowed down and done it right to begin with. As you can imagine, law enforcement work does not lend itself to “do overs” when lives are at stake.

While the majority of our work does not result in life ending outcomes, there are times when the work choices we make alter our lives or the lives of others for better or worse. If you are finding yourself in a conundrum regarding your current workplace choices, now may be the time to slow down to be quicker. Every day we impact the lives of those around us; in positive or negative ways, but never with total neutrality. It’s often been said that those around us either bring us up or bring us down. As you make your workplace choices each day you’ll want to ensure that you have solid counsel around you. People who have your best interest at heart and who do not possess ulterior motives regarding your success. For a free 30-minute introductory consultation on slowing down to be quicker contact Dr. Marilyn at info@DrMarilyn-EAW.com.