Faith is defined as “confidence or trust in a person or thing.” Interestingly enough, how many of us hold this firm belief in something for which there is no proof; this complete trust when there is no evidence to support our faith?

Over the last few months I’ve found myself in the “faith zone” more than a few times. As I write this, I am now in one of the biggest faith chasms of my life. Despite this very uncomfortable place, I continue to stubbornly hold to the belief that what I have faith for will, in truth, come to pass. There are no worldly grounds for my faith per say other than the fact that I have been down this chasm before and have always successfully moved through to the other side. In times past, the other side has always brought more blessings and joy than where I had traveled from originally.

Today, whether your faith chasm requires you to let go of something or hold on, I want to encourage you to execute what your faith gives you the strength to carry out. No matter what your external influences may be advocating, in the end it is only you who is responsible for the consequences of your faith as it pertains to your life.

As you contemplate where you may currently be running on faith fumes, I’d like to suggest that you consider prioritizing goals and activities needed to accomplish a successful journey through your faith zone. Good questions to ask of goals that will support your faith include asking which goals are the most important to you, offer the greatest return on investment, and/or provide you with the greatest enjoyment or sense of accomplishment. Your responses should help to prioritize the goals in order of importance to you and ultimately in importance of helping you as you run on faith fumes until the realization of your faith manifests. Once the goals are prioritized you can then plan your time around achieving them. In short:

  • Identify the criteria you will use to prioritize your goals. Examples include ranking them by importance or greatest impact.
  • Use a high-medium-low scale to assess your goals according to your criteria.
  • Begin towards achieving the goals with the highest rankings.