You’ll recall from last month’s post that we have reached a point in our journey towards excellence where it is simply time to execute. To simply do what we are called to be in this season, knowing full well that we’ll most likely be called to do something else in the future. So to that point, as I began my morning’s devotional time, I asked God what He wanted from me today. To be honest, even though I have work tasks “I” feel need to be completed, I felt Him lead me to spend the day just loving people. So not being one to tell God “no”, I suppose I’ll just have to step away from the computer and find some people.

Let me ask you, “What are you being called to do today?” Whether you’ve just spent your first month in a new state, work position, or relationship – what are you being challenged to do today? Perhaps it does not quite make sense at first glance but I’ve learned over the years, God ideas often don’t quite make sense at first. However, as I step out in faith, He always shows me what He had in mind for me. I’ve also come to understand that often God will give us a portion of the picture then it is our part to show we really want it by taking some action towards understanding the full picture. So with that, I’m getting in the car today to spend the day in my new state of Washington heading to where the people are.

Be blessed today whatever it is you decide to do today!