Ready (grab your ducks), set (get those ducks lined up), and go (to lunch)… Why is it that we often try so very hard to ensure we have everything just so when moving towards a goal? How often have you been in a conversation only to hear excuse after excuse why a particular goal or dream can not be achieved until everything is just so? Well, I’m here to tell you that everything will never be just so, and no, your ducks will never remain lined up (if you are able to get them in place at all).

So what’s a goal oriented individual to do? Well, now stick with me here, how about we throw some caution to the wind and simply grab our ducks and be content to move one step further today towards achieving the goals we have so meticulously set for ourselves? Better yet, how about we simply put one foot in front of the other and start our walk towards great outcomes? Sound absurd? I think not.

What if, just for today, we act intentionally with the belief that we can execute what we can dream? How about we really go out on a limb and trust that the positive intentions we can dream are those same intentions just begging to be executed through our efforts? Can you imagine how the world would change if we all took a leap of faith and sought to complete the amazing outcomes our minds are capable of creating? So today my challenge to you is this, are you willing to take that first step towards that really big goal that’s been on your mind these past few months? You know the goal that seems so large, almost too big to believe you can execute it? Yes, the goal that you have been working on for so long, working to get all its ducks in a row?

Today’s the day. Get out there and take that first step – over the ducks if you have to!