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Running Away for Three Weeks

Ever wish you could run away for three weeks? Now you can without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite chair!

The revelation in these pages will dramatically impact and transform your business and personal attitudes forever. Without ever packing a bag, you will experience the victory that comes from knowing anything is possible if you believe…

Dr. Marilyn is widely recognized as a woman of faith and tenacity. A remarkably gifted teacher, her ability to motivate and encourage individuals is captured in the pages of Running Away for Three Weeks.

More than ever, Americans are searching for meaning to their lives. For some, this may be the first time they are asking, “Why am I here?” or “What is it that only I can offer the world?” Some may even be asking, “Is there really a God?” As individuals grapple with these valid questions, Running Away for Three Weeks offers answers by leading readers through a three week expedition across America through the eyes of Marilyn McGraw after her 2001 lay-off.

How Christian Spiritual Practices and Charismata Influence Perceptions

This study developed initial theory regarding how a select group of Christians who reported incorporating spiritual practices (such as prayer and meditation) and utilizing charismata (i.e., gifts provided by God) perceived their impact in various workplaces (i.e., communities, places of worship, households, and organizations), and whether doing so affected their ability to attain a sense of purpose while becoming self-actualizing (i.e., becoming everything one is capable of becoming). This was achieved using a grounded theory approach as described by Glaser and Strauss (1967). Study participants included 11 individuals who (1) identified themselves as Christians (believed they have an intimate and alive relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit), and (2) reported that they incorporated spiritual practices and utilized charismata they believed they possessed to affect various workplace outcomes.

Six Steps to Excellence for Leaders

“Six Steps to Excellence for Leaders” focuses on ways in which you can carry out your work assignments by using your gifts and talents both inside and outside corporate walls to include your households, places of worship, and communities. If you’re serious about giving the world the best you’ve got, this book is a must read…

Running Away for Three Weeks was the first of two books addressing how to use our talents and gifts to accomplish our work assignments, unrestrained by personal issues. Six Steps to Excellence for Leaders is the second, and addresses how individuals can move towards excellence by simply using the gifts and talents they have been given in their homes, places of worship, communities, and organizations. As you read this book, you’ll discover the six steps every successful and emerging leader needs to implement if they’re serious about executing in their excellence zone. While leadership of others begins by being a leader of one, readers will quickly realize that is not enough to gain admittance into the leadership excellence zone. Six Steps to Excellence for Leaders will challenge readers to not only identify their natural talents but to also explore ways of passing on those talents to those they lead. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to complete your leadership journey to excellence?

Discovering Your Workplace Gifts

This assessment will help you discover your unique “value-add proposition” and the gifts you possess to achieve your personal and professional workplace assignments…

Identifying and understanding the gifts we possess is critical to fulfilling the calling God has for each of us in His workplace. As we begin to work with understanding of who God has created us to be, we move towards becoming excellence at work as He defines excellence in His workplace. This in turn allows the body of Christ to grow and mature as God desires. To achieve our divine purpose in the most effective manner, we must know which gifts God has given us to complete our work assignments. We must also understand that our workplace transcends traditional organizational boundaries into every aspect of our lives. Armed with this knowledge, we can begin to move towards “being about our Father’s business” wherever it may lead.

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