Can you feel it? Fall 2017 is within sight. Children will be back in school, families will return from road trips, days will become shorter, and swimwear will be traded in for sweaters. As summer break fades off into the sunset, many find time to take a break from the outside day-to-day activities in favor of the sport of inside day-dreaming. Might you be one of them?

Why wait? How about taking your day-dreaming vision creator self for a test drive this weekend? Feeling brave? If so, here are a few suggestions to help you envision the future (or at least a few fun fall activities) by imagining exciting and engaging possibilities as you put on your favorite slippers and enjoy the warmth of an open fire on your tootsies:


  • Read a biography of a visionary leader
  • Think about your past
  • Determine the something you want to do
  • Write an article about how you’ve made a difference
  • Write your vision statement
  • Become a futurist
  • Test your assumptions
  • Rehearse with visualizations and affirmations