In most parts of the United States, Spring is attempting to begin. As is often the case, many of my clients are focused on conducting a bit of a Spring cleaning as they begin working on second quarter goals. Not one to be left out, I’ve compiled a few bullet points over the years that have remained relevant whether a client is focused on personal or professional outcomes.
One core tenant often discussed is that “your” goals are “your” goals. Seems obvious but often times clients tell me they feel their goals have been thrust upon them by external forces (e.g., their boss, kids, spouse, etc.). Certainly, there are times when we have to achieve outcomes based upon what others require of us. However, even in these moments, we (almost) always have the power to determine exactly how we will execute the goal(s).
With that, back by popular demand, a few points to consider when setting “your” goals:
          Set goals, don’t over think the manner in which you’ll achieve them but rather focus on your need to execute them.
          Peoples’ opinions of you don’t define you; never did, never will, no way, no how.
          Think about what ignites passion within you and risk discovering that you are capable of achieving a life that allows you to live that passion.
          Modify or remove relationships that are no longer working or contributing to your ability to become excellence at work.
          Participate in your own liberation and don’t look to others when you already possess your own life preserver.