In the world of business, a proactive and long-term solution for leadership identification and development starts with a rigorous review of required organizational and leadership competencies. The methodologies are no different whether you nurture a special brand of leaders for global assignments or prepare them to manage multi-million dollar outsourcing projects. External competency road maps are important, but in order to create a deep reservoir of high potential and job-ready global leaders within any particular workplace, they must be combined with internal competency analyses so that those selected also possess the skills and exhibit the traits of leadership (and values) important to success in that workplace.

With external and internal competencies in hand, the next step is to use the road map to create a pipeline of potential leaders. Central to the process are collaborative round table discussions (e.g., a talent review process) from unit to unit, including all key positions and individuals. Career discussions with high potential global leaders should follow in which their preferences for next career moves are discussed.

High potentials, in particular, require coaching by someone with real-life experience in the type of assignments for which they are being nurtured. Internal/external training programs and workshops, seminars/trade shows, stretch assignments, simulations, job shadowing, international travel, case studies, cross-cultural exposure, and skills assessments should also be used in combination according to the individualized needs of each high potential. These developmental activities are germane to all workplaces where excellence is sought. So, with that, how will you contribute to the growth of your workplace team this week?