…to wander, roam, stroll, etc. For today’s purposes the focus is on how to move with purpose as we build upon last Monday’s message tied to moving from analysis to action. As one might imagine, meandering is fine when it’s time to take a break or contemplate the next goal, or even the next season of change. However, when one is moving into an action state that involves the achievement of business or personal goals, it’s clearly not the time for meandering. Rather, it is time to move with purpose and commitment. Listed below are a few action steps anyone can take when committing to move from analysis to action:

  • Recognize and seize opportunity
  • Go where you fit in
  • Have a strategy and/or plan with goals along the way
  • Practice application – don’t talk, walk it out
  • Be agile and able to change on the fly
  • Take and manage risk

This list is a good representation of some ways in which we can begin to explore and discover what our gifts and talents may be. When I share this list with audiences, I ask them to dare to discover what they are not good at, move-on once they find it, and then rejoice at their courage to discover and delete it from their competency list. There is no failure in our attempts to explore new capabilities, professions, or even relationships. The only true failure is in our refusal to explore the limits of our capabilities. The caveat is that we need to know when to move on once we discover a fundamental weakness as opposed to a core competency so that we ultimately execute our optimal personal and professional actions.