Happy New Year! If you’ve recently been to any retailer you know that Valentine’s Day is upon us. Well, actually, not really but the Valentine’s chocolate hearts and cards sure are. When I was a child retailers used the first or second week of the new year to first display Valentine decorations. In the midst of my Christmas shopping, a few weeks back, you guessed it, a heart shaped Valentine box of candy. My friend and I checked the expiration date to confirm our only rational determination that it was left over from last year. Nope, fresh and ready to go for 2019! All that Christmas lighting, trees, and reindeers “invaded” by Valentine’s chocolate made me question how often I rush from one season to another? How frequently do I try to move towards the next “thing” or “event” before completing and ultimately executing the current season’s learnings I’ve just received?

Imagine if you will, you’ve been involved in some form of development program (January, 2019 resolution perhaps). The course has just concluded and you have your lovely certificate of completion in hand. What’s next? Do you proceed to do your best to implement the new learnings or do you rush off to the next new development flavor of the month? Life is sort of like that from time to time. Sometimes we are so focused on achievement for the sake of achievement that we circumvent the intent of the learning experience. Worse yet are those opportunities for true personal development that are never fully realized because of our lack of patience in the post training implementation process.

Have you recently completed some from of training in one of your workplaces (i.e., corporate, community, household, or place of worship)? If so, have you taken the time to truly implement those new learnings? If not, why not begin today? Why not take a few minutes now to brainstorm regarding how to best utilize those bright and shiny new skills you’ve recently acquired? After all, you did put the time into achieving them; and yes, someone you know needs what you’ve recently learned in 2019 because gosh, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.