Several years back I decided to step out and begin a management consulting business which became Excellence At Work. From the start I understood that my greatest strengths lay in the areas of public speaking and motivating individuals. Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to speak at various venues and have met many amazing people in several geographical locations. At each event I have seen those who exude joy and excitement and others who have essentially “checked out” and have chosen to live with a “less than” mentality (e.g., I am less than able to…fill in the blank; I’ve heard much of it).


More than who we are (or what we are capable of) is the issue of how we love others in the workplace. Each interaction, each speaking engagement, each meeting facilitation, etc. is an opportunity to love others in the workplace. Each day we can choose to do what we can to focus on how to serve the needs of others. We may also provide encouragement and tools for our clients, customers, etc. that they have previously not possessed. In short, how can we motivate others to execute all they are capable of?


What about you, how do you love others in your workplace? What ways do you support others via your gifts and talents? Can you recall the last person you showed love towards in the workplace? For me it was just today when I simply put another individual’s needs before mine to assist them with their deliverables. Is this always easy to do? Do I always get it right? No; but I’m working on it.


If you were to examine your work life this week what would you find? Would you be able to track the ways in which you have made a difference in another individual’s life? Is it possible that our number one goal should be tied to how our work allows us to love others? What would it look like if CEOs through construction workers made it their number one goal to serve and love others in the work place? Well, I can only speculate that there would be a whole lot more productivity and peace combined with increased positive business outcomes.