Staying safe or letting go in order to get the prize. Ugh, what a joyful position to be in; NOT! You have probably heard the saying, “A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.” This is to say, play it safe, hold on to your sure thing because that bigger thing is not guaranteed and you might lose everything in your attempt to increase. Well, here’s a different take on that thought.

Follow me for just a moment if you dare as I muse for a minute…visualize the image of swinging from one vine to another as you contemplate America’s current economic position. As I see the image, I realize the moment we let go of the old familiar vine (e.g., job) to grab hold of the new can be filled with trepidation unless we possess the faith that we are not going to be required to swing any further out (e.g., remain unemployed) than our muscles (e.g., skills and talents) can propel us. It is clear that we always have the choice between clinging to the old – which would only lead to inertia that can turn into depression – or, reaching out for the new. When we make the choice to let go, we find ourselves in that momentary state of weightlessness otherwise known as the “faith zone.”

So often when transitions confront us head on, we cry out. We wonder how long we will have to endure before our circumstances change for the better. What we sometimes fail to realize is that our Creator already knew what and when we would need and has already prepared our blessing(s). Our role is simply to keep moving forward since it is not generally His nature to “steer a parked car.” We must maintain our momentum so that we successfully arrive at our assigned destination while avoiding unnecessary pit stops that only serve to slow us down. If you find yourself at a career juncture today, shoot us an email at to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. While we can’t offer you a new car, we certainly can provide you the tools necessary to ensure you are fully utilizing all your options.