Earlier today I spent time outside in my modest garden. Over the last few years I have found great peace and solace as I tend to each of its plants. Interestingly enough, each plant has its own personality and subsequent needs. Some require little water or attention (the monster) whereas others are quick to advertise when their need for water or pruning is not adequately met (the poopy purple plant).

I find that as I take the time to care for each plant, I often hear “nature” speak to me. Sometimes it’s a message about what needs to be pruned in my life. Other times it’s about the need to care for others. While more often then not it’s a message about slowing down and letting go of the day’s burdens. Clearly, plants don’t care about the current global economy or the debate on health care in America. No matter what the world at large is focused on, each plant simply goes about it’s business of growing towards the light and digging for water.

If plants could speak in a voice everyone could hear I wonder what their keynote message would be. Perhaps something like:

  1. Don’t worry about the rain, just store up what you need and let the excess runoff.
  2. Never pass on an opportunity to soak up the sun light.
  3. When that big thing comes at you with pruning shears, don’t fret, what is removed will be multiplied.
  4. No matter how bad the fertilizer smells, it’s good for you.
  5. Just because your neighbor has bugs does not mean you have to invite them over to your pad.