Wow, it’s finally 2018. Eighteen years after the much anticipated Y2K event has long since come and gone we appear to still be here; (dys)functional computers and all. Can you even recall what you were doing eighteen years ago on this date? I was watching a national TV station that chose to broadcast 24-hrs of New Years occurring around the world. What a site it was as each hour brought yet another geographic location a new year free of any world ending events.

Looking back upon the last eighteen years of America’s history, the world’s history, and yes, our own personal history, we see a full range of events. Some events we would love to repeat; some we wish never occurred. The bottom line is that over the last eighteen years we have survived and even thrived. Good times and bad times come and go. Life is full of different seasons. People come into our lives and people leave our lives. Sometimes we understand these comings and goings while other times we struggle to accept them.

As I look back I recall many of my clients’ personal comings and goings. What many learned as we worked together was that if something was meant to be in their life it would be, if it was not, it would not. No amount of struggle was required if it was to be in their life and no amount of struggle would change anything if it were not to be in their life. This was the case whether the “it” was a job, relationship, or possession. When they made peace with this truth, something magical began to happen. Each client was able to maintain their peace no matter what was coming or going and just about 100% of the time they were able to look back in retrospect and understand why they had what they had in their life.

As we enter into a new year we have an opportunity for a fresh start. We can choose to take this season to analyze what is working for us and what is not. We can take ownership for where we are now or blame others for our circumstances. Finally, we can choose what 2018 will look like for us no matter what comes and goes though out the year. Yes, what an amazing gift we each have, the gift of choice, action, and behavior. If you find yourself at a choice juncture today, consider shooting us an email at: to schedule a free 30 minute life coaching consultation.