Happy October, 2018! As a follow-up to last month’s SMART goal review for leaders, let’s take a few minutes to dive into true actionable goals that posses a dash of charisma. As you’ll see below, there are quantifiable nuances to consider when leaders are planning to create and execute actionable goals. Once you’ve reviewed the bullet points below, take a few minutes to choose one life area where you would like to make a positive change this month. Next post we’ll continue on with our goal setting and executing journey. Until then be blessed and keep on keeping on!

 Actionable goals are written in specific, measurable terms:

-Goals must be measurable so that your progress can be evaluated and so that you will know when you have achieved your goal.

Actionable goals can be visualized:

-You must be able to see yourself actually achieving your goal.

Actionable goals are achievable:

-Goals should challenge your skills and abilities without discouraging your effort and performance. As competency, success, and confidence grow, goals may be stretched to cause additional growth.

Actionable goals have realistic deadlines:

-Schedule enough time to achieve the goal but not so much time that you lose interest in it.

Actionable goals are manageable:

-Large goals can overwhelm because of their size and should therefore be reduced into manageable smaller components.

Actionable goals are analyzed for their potential problems:

-As goals are created, think about the necessary steps for their completion. Analyze the goal for potential problems that could get in the way of achieving it.

Actionable goals require action to eliminate or minimize the consequences of potential problems:

-Identify the action necessary to either remove the cause of the problem or minimize its consequences.

Actionable goals include a regular review of progress:

-Periodically review goals to ensure they continue to be relevant, realistic, and timely.

Actionable goals yield rewards that are of value to the one achieving them:

-We stay motivated to achieve goals when we know and desire the resulting rewards.  When you establish a goal, identify at least one meaningful reward for yourself.

Actionable Goal Execution Plan

Potential Life Areas

Spiritual Professional
Financial Health/Physical Well-Being
Social Education
Personal Development Civic/Community/Government
Leisure Time Family

Potential Required Resources

Time Education
Money Help from Others
Position Mentor

Life Area:


Actionable Goal:


Date Goal Will be Achieved:


Required Resources:


Required Help from Others:


Potential Hindrances:


Action to Optimize:                                                               Action to Minimize:

________________________                                             ________________________

Benefit of Achieving Goal: