Over the last several years I’ve discussed ways in which one might go about achieving various goals. This week I’d like to talk a little about when multiple goals conflict with one another. When this happens each goal independently competes for your time, energy, and personal resources which can leave you feeling drained and stressed.

For example, let’s say you have a goal to become self-employed yet continue to apply for full-time regular work. Or how about this, you want to stay in the house you own yet continue to tell people you know that you need to find an apartment to rent because your mortgage is too large. Notice the problem? In each example, neither of the goals are wrong or bad; simply in conflict with one another.

So what should you do if you find you have two or more goals that are in conflict with one another? For starters:


  • Review all your current goals. Determine which are in opposition or are competing for limited resources.
  • Take time to choose an overall direction that “feels” in sync with your overall life purpose.
  • Determine how you can modify or change goals that are not compatible with your overall direction.
  • Find an accountability partner who will help keep you on track should you begin to waver in your decision.