Sitting down to write this month’s BLOG, it was hard not to notice the fact that there is much happening in the world today; numerous events, goings on, etc. all vying for our attention. On top of the sheer quantity of issues that bombard our to-do lists daily, things are not always as they appear and one apple (good, bad, or otherwise) does not make a basket. So let me ask you, “In what areas of life have you potentially been contemplating throwing the baby out with the bath water because it looked like someone else’s dirty baby?” If you are anything like me, you may have recently had opportunities to explore new professional or personal endeavors (babies) and may have come close to turning to run the other way because of what (on the surface) seemed like a show stopper – now fasten your seat belts – when in fact, you may simply have been given an opportunity to look inside yourself to address personal issues that should have been dealt with previously (that baby now a toddler?). Now this is not to say that you should accept just any old apple or keep dirty babies in your life, but rather that you may wish to be aware of the fact that often the things that bother us in our environment (proverbial playpen) tend to be what needs our attention within ourselves.

So here is my challenge for this month of December, when contemplating a new project or starting a new personal or professional relationship, ask yourself:

  1. What is my other side (i.e., where might there be opportunities for me to use my talents and abilities in areas that I might previously have run from?)
  2. Where exactly am I to “get in the game” (i.e., how might I change the world if I could just change myself first?)
  3. How can I treat people in need as individuals with abundance to give (i.e., how can I use my words and/or actions to create solutions for others to thrive in?)

As 2018 comes to a close we wish you and yours an extravagant Christ filled Christmas season! Here’s to finishing strong with the right mix of apples and babies in 2019…