Wow, can you believe it’s November, 2018? Children have been back to school for some time now, the leaves on trees have turned, and yes, the holiday season will soon be upon us once again. As a final step towards creating and executing actionable goals, let’s take some time to fast forward to the end of 2018. As you begin this week’s exercise, pull out your previous notes on goal setting. Take a few minutes to review your thoughts and ideas. As you review your work over the last few BLOG posts, contemplate the following questions:

Actionable Goal Visioning Statement

  1. Imagine it is the end of 2018. Describe what your future world will look like after you have accomplished your goals for this year.
  2. Why did you want to accomplish those goals?
  3. How do you feel now that you have accomplished your goals?
  4. What does the world for those around you look like now that the goals have been achieved?


Now let’s move towards achieving those goals you have just written about…


Daily Execution Action Planning

A.  Write down the six most important things you need to do tomorrow that support accomplishing your goal(s).

B.  First thing tomorrow, begin with item one and stick with it until you’re finished.

C.  After completing number one, cross it out with a bright red pen and proceed to number two and complete it before going on to three.

D.  Continue process until all six steps are completed each day.

E.  As each goal is accomplished, take time to celebrate your success!