I’ve often spoken to groups and individuals about creating actionable goals. Whether achieving these aspirations in a corporate or personal setting, actionable goals don’t usually happen overnight. Taking the time and energy to visualize and create actionable goals is only the beginning step towards achieving them. Accepting the responsibility to accomplish them is critical (this is also where most road blocks and derailments occur).

When potential deviations occur (and they will) it is critical that your time and energy be spent solving problems, making decisions, and working your plan so that your goals are realized. It is also critical that you remain persistent regarding achieving your goals. Great goals that lead to even better actions don’t come from perfect people; great outcomes come from individuals who keep taking one step at a time towards completion. When managing your goal achievement process:

  • Take time to think about how you handle potential deviations. Does your reaction to problems get in the way of achieving your goals?
  • If necessary, think about how you can change your behavior to become less reactive and more proactive.
  • Create a strategy for maintaining persistence when times get tough.